Meaning of chocolate chip in English:

chocolate chip


usually as modifier
  • A small piece of chocolate used in biscuits, cakes, and ice cream.

    ‘chocolate-chip cookies’
    • ‘She decided to try the strawberry sorbet, and I chose the double chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.’
    • ‘I imagine her confessing that she ends each day with a pint of chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream, but that's obviously not the case.’
    • ‘Ice creams with inclusions such as mint chocolate chip and chocolate-chip cookie dough have become mainstream favorites across all age groups.’
    • ‘Dessert is frozen juice and ice cream bars with chocolate chip cookies.’
    • ‘The aromas of chocolate-chip cookies, pound cake and lemon chess pie complete the feel-good picture.’
    • ‘The reaction from Hope's publicist was always exactly the same: ‘Bob had a good laugh about it and then enjoyed his favorite dessert, chocolate-chip ice cream.’’
    • ‘I've been known to have dreams involving roasted-onion tarts, platefuls of oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies, and butter-rich cakes stacked like gold bullion.’
    • ‘The richness evident here is of the Sacher torte and not chocolate chip muffin variety.’
    • ‘The desserts were similarly cloying, except for a plate of crumbly, warm chocolate-chip cookies, served with a bowl of coconut milk.’
    • ‘Sixteen very generous people replied to my post requesting the best recipe for a chocolate chip cookie.’
    • ‘In a backstage interview after the Oscars, Mr. Brody proclaimed that he is also in favor of kitties, puppies, and chocolate-chip ice cream.’
    • ‘If you and Leo come back inside around three, you can have your choice of strawberry or mint chocolate chip ice cream.’
    • ‘Grimes reveals the reason why I was so enamored of the mint chocolate chip ice cream under those orange roofs.’
    • ‘She walked out of her room and headed to the kitchen, where she grabbed a spoon and a carton of chocolate chip ice cream.’
    • ‘She grabbed a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream and had just sat down to watch a movie when her doorbell rang.’
    • ‘There's just something sexy to me about the idea of a hot chocolate chip muffin coming out of the oven late at night.’
    • ‘Save some room for dessert: homemade warm, frosted cinnamon buns and chocolate-chip cookies.’
    • ‘Stick a few chocolate bits in it and it becomes a chocolate chip cookie, but it's still a biscuit, in the same way that Ciabatta is still bread.’
    • ‘You have just rolled out a huge sheet of chocolate chip cookie dough.’
    • ‘A moment afterward, I heard Kevin come back with a mug of coffee and some chocolate chip biscuits.’