Meaning of chocolate drop in English:

chocolate drop


  • A small round sweet made of chocolate.

    ‘As well as two shoulder keys, it has a full complement of proper PS2 buttons, including an invaluable analogue joystick that looks like a chocolate drop.’
    • ‘Kids, messing, used to call me a chocolate drop, but I don't think Irish people are racist.’
    • ‘I'm even thinking to make them to take with me to my in-laws for Christmas, instead of the chocolate drops that I normally bake… and those chocolate drops are really good.’
    • ‘Now slimline Susie is enjoying a new lease of life after she changed her usual diet of chocolate drops for a controlled low-calorie dog food substitute.’
    • ‘They come in the form of chocolate drops and are very easy to use.’
    • ‘Flowers, doggie chocolate drops, even a new outfit lets a dog know she isn't just another notch in your bedpost.’
    • ‘As if being played out in slow motion, the grenade landed on Matt's desk, rolled, made a fading mournful whistle, and fell open, spilling a handful of chocolate drops across the files on the desk top.’
    • ‘It took me a moment to realise that I had a handful of chocolate drops.’