Meaning of choi sum in English:

choi sum

Pronunciation /tʃɔɪ ˈsʌm/


(also choy sum)
  • A small Chinese cabbage of a variety with mild-tasting leaves and small edible yellow flowers.

    Brassica rapa variety parachinensis, family Cruciferae

    ‘The heavy sauce contrasted badly with the choi sum, which tasted only of water.’
    • ‘The choy sum were cooked till soft in a savoury sauce that has hints of orange peel in it.’
    • ‘Besides sampling specialities like beef choi sum and sha cha chicken, guests were also treated to a colourful lion dance.’
    • ‘There was so much grit in the choi sum that if it was washed in the kitchen then it was washed in sand.’
    • ‘I have had great success with growing all these salad leaves in the Thames Valley through the winter, except choy sum and greek cress which are less reliable.’


Chinese (Cantonese), literally ‘vegetable heart’.