Meaning of choil in English:


Pronunciation /tʃɔɪl/


  • The end of a knife's cutting edge which is nearer to the handle.

    ‘When gripped with all fingers below the finger choil more weight shifts to the blade, and the knife can be used for some serious hacking.’
    • ‘The choil is sloped, and the top edge of the blade is ramped to accommodate the trademark round hole, and has deep cut notches which give exceptional grip.’
    • ‘Those knurled wheels on the back of the choil also serve to improve purchase.’
    • ‘A large finger groove choil reduces the effective cutting edge slightly but gives a wonderfully secure grip.’
    • ‘A lengthy handle with double finger grooves allows the user the grip option of either choking up on the knife for slicing and dicing or gripping it using only the lower finger choil for heavy duty chopping.’


Late 19th century of unknown origin.