Meaning of chokehold in English:




  • A tight grip round a person's neck, used to restrain them by restricting their breathing.

    ‘he had me in a chokehold’
    • ‘they have something of a chokehold on the phone market’
    • ‘One jumped out of the page and grabbed a chokehold around my neck and demanded that I read it.’
    • ‘‘Good reflexes; that's what all the professionals say,’ he answered, he voice steady as he absorbed the impact and grasped for a chokehold at her neck.’
    • ‘Caught unaware, the Ace fell once more into the Beast's whims as it quickly appeared before him and then grabbed the young man by the neck in a vicious chokehold.’
    • ‘Before the guard had even realised what was happening, Leanne had jumped on his back, squeezing her arms around his neck in the strongest chokehold she could muster up.’
    • ‘The same guard then used a chokehold to restrain Finley.’
    • ‘As I'm getting ready to get out my math book, an arm suddenly wraps itself around my neck in a chokehold.’
    • ‘By the time I got a ringside seat, so to speak, I watched as she applied a chokehold on his neck and hear her tell him to open his hand.’
    • ‘Kenny freed himself and came around me, with a wild glow in his eyes, to put me in a tight chokehold.’
    • ‘‘He jumped on the bear's back and gave it a chokehold,’ a police dispatcher said.’
    • ‘Observers and protesters also allege that police used illegal chokeholds on numerous people.’
    • ‘‘Well, that was a bit freaky,’ he grinned, reaching up to loosen the chokehold that Gabby had around his neck.’
    • ‘She also held Abigail in a chokehold that could snap the nurse's neck with enough pressure - not a difficult task for Saya.’
    • ‘He slings his arms around my shoulder and squeezes my neck in what can easily be considered a chokehold.’
    • ‘The Generals lay their men out on white cloth, and put chokeholds on their hearts.’
    • ‘No such luck for the public when a public employees union has a chokehold on the public entity.’
    • ‘A key chokehold for the oil monopolies is the refining of crude oil in the United States.’
    • ‘And this upcoming Saturday night, we will see if Jones still have any of his greatness left or that maybe, Father Time has finally grabbed a chokehold on Jones.’
    • ‘Because the carriers subsidize most phone purchases with big rebates tied to service agreements, they have something of a chokehold on the phone market.’
    • ‘But the underlying motive is to prevent challenging opinions from spreading and coalescing through the chokehold of state-sponsored control.’