Meaning of choko in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃəʊkəʊ/


Australian, New Zealand
  • The fruit of the chayote plant, eaten as a vegetable in the Caribbean, Australia, and New Zealand.

    ‘Local vegetables are eaten readily and include chokos, red pumpkins, squash, and greens.’
    • ‘Here's Veronica with her winning entry, made from passionfruit, choko and spring onion.’
    • ‘It was a nice contrast to the choko khatsé, a spiced potato side dish that was almost tongue-searing in comparison.’
    • ‘Sechium edule, also called custard marrow, vegetable pear, mirliton, christophine, choko, and many other names, is a fruit of the gourd family which is peculiar in having one large seed.’


Mid 18th century from Spanish chocho, from a Brazilian Indian word. The current spelling dates from the early 20th century.