Meaning of choliamb in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkəʊlɪam(b)/


another term for scazon
‘Herondas too, the author of mimes written in choliambs (‘limping iambics’), a metre typical of the archaic iambist Hipponax, dedicates an apologetic-programmatic poem, Mimiambus 8, to the defence of his poetics.’
  • ‘Therefore, from the viewpoint of semantics, verse metre turns out to be even more relevant than genre – choliamb and iambic trimeter are both the metres of satirical verses, but their semantic structures are very different.’
  • ‘Hipponax (mid-6th century) is said to have invented the choliamb, or ‘limping iamb’.’
  • ‘In particular, it can be demonstrated that the choliambs, mixed with iambs, of the Hellenistic fable are comparable to those of a work with very very pronounced Cynic features, the choliambic ‘Life of Alexander’.’


Mid 19th century via late Latin from Greek khōliambos, from khōlos ‘lame’ + iambos (see iambus).