Meaning of choliambic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkəʊlɪˈambɪk/



See choliamb

‘Chief among these are phalaecean (also known as hendecasyllabics), which he employs in some forty poems, followed numerically by choliambic (which also bears the title scazon), the meter of eight poems.’
  • ‘In later years, his northern students shared with their southern compatriots admiration for his soldierly valor, of which they were continually reminded, as one of them wrote, ‘by the choliambic [limping] rhythm in his majestic gait.’’
  • ‘Indeed he invented an earthbound metre for the purpose, the choliambic or limping iambic, also known as scazon.’
  • ‘It is well known that, from earliest times, iambus seems to designate iambic trimeters and trochaic tetrameters (including their choliambic variants, and with the subsequent addition of the epodes and the asynarteta).’
  • ‘Herodas was a Greek poet who wrote realistic but bawdy mimes in choliambic verse.’