Meaning of cholinergic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkəʊlɪˈnəːdʒɪk/


  • Relating to or denoting nerve cells in which acetylcholine acts as a neurotransmitter.

    Contrasted with adrenergic

    ‘The active ingredients in this were alkaloids of belladonna, which we now know had the effect of inhibiting cholinergic neurotransmission and thereby reflex bronchoconstriction.’
    • ‘The resulting overstimulation of cholinergic receptors produces the clinical effects shown in the table.’
    • ‘Ketamine also indirectly interacts with a number of cellular receptors including the muscarinic, nicotinic, cholinergic, and opioid receptors.’
    • ‘Saliva substitutes or systemic cholinergic drugs may be useful.’
    • ‘Treatments for early, mild Alzheimer's disease, such as donepezil, improve the activity of neurons in the cholinergic system that use acetylcholine to transmit signals.’


1930s from choline + Greek ergon ‘work’ + -ic.