Meaning of chook house in English:

chook house


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • An enclosure for domestic fowl; a hen house.

    • ‘ensure your chook house has adequate shade and ventilation for the summer months’
    • ‘He slammed into the side of the chook house with the force of a small feathered scud missile.’
    • ‘We topped the kero tin up with fresh water and let the lot ferment happily away under the chook house.’
    • ‘They never want a smarter chook house.’
    • ‘When we found out what she'd done with our home brew, we could have throttled her and left her in the chook house for a month of Sundays!’
    • ‘The brew we started with was making a hell of a racket under the chook house, and Father was getting suspicious.’
    • ‘I remembered to shut the chook house door because if Dad catches me leaving the door open he gives me the strap.’
    • ‘She's planning to build a chook house that's goanna-proof, cat-proof, dingo-proof, dog-proof, and people-proof!’
    • ‘I was watching my father build an extension onto our chook house, and as he drove a large nail into a piece of hardwood, the hammer came down on his thumb.’
    • ‘In one of the chook houses there was probably about 2 feet of manure, and the rats had got in and gone through it, so basically it looked like Swiss cheese.’
    • ‘Looks like the ferret is now in the chook house.’