Meaning of chook raffle in English:

chook raffle


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • A raffle in which the prize is a ready-to-cook chicken.

    • ‘they passed the hat around and ran a few chook raffles and built a club’
    • ‘These days you need more than a few chook raffles to fund the election campaign of a candidate for a major political party.’
    • ‘No longer does the weekly chook raffle suffice.’
    • ‘Honestly, their government and military couldn't be trusted to run a chook raffle.’
    • ‘For the sake of the sanity of your fellow countrymen, win something—even if it is only a chook raffle!’
    • ‘From Friday chook raffles to Air Force Week cocktail parties, his contribution to our social life will always be remembered.’
    • ‘The electorate perceives her cabinet as a bunch of liars who don't have the skills to even run a chook raffle.’
    • ‘The group is doing its bit for cancer treatment through an interesting combination of chook raffles and strenuous exercise.’
    • ‘The chook raffles were introduced to make an early start on fundraising activities.’
    • ‘His reputation as someone who couldn't win a chook raffle even if he bought all the tickets was etched into folklore.’
    • ‘To talk about loyalty in this corporatised football world is a bit like trying to fund political parties with chook raffles—not very realistic.’