Meaning of chookas in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃʊkəz/


  • Used to wish a performer good luck.

    ‘a big chookas to all involved in tomorrow's show’
    • ‘chookas for a fantastic run and a brilliant season’
    • ‘Special chookas to you three, and of course MJ (no more accidents puh-lease!).’
    • ‘Chookas to my adopted son Matt!’
    • ‘A special chookas to Antony!’
    • ‘Biggest hugs and chookas possible.’
    • ‘To the cast, crew, and all at the theatre—a huge chookas for the entire season!’
    • ‘From what I've heard, it looks unreal—so chookas, all!’
    • ‘Chookas, and I hope that your production is a lot of fun and everything you all expected it to be!’
    • ‘Workout over, I head to the dressing rooms to prepare for my walk-on, passing several cast members who applaud as I pass by and call out, "Chookas!"’
    • ‘I duck my head into both the girls' and the boys' dressing rooms to wish them chookas.’
    • ‘Don't worry, you'll be great, just have fun—chookas!’


1990s probably from chook, although the precise origin is unclear. It is often popularly explained as an alteration of chook it is, from a time when chicken was considered an expensive delicacy: if a play was successful the actors would be paid well, and could eat well.