Meaning of choon in English:


Pronunciation /tʃuːn/


informal British
  • A song or piece of popular music.

    • ‘play us some of your choons, bro!’
    • ‘Go hither for links to more acoustic goodness, any choon of which could serve as aural activator for love and good feelings.’
    • ‘Don't worry if you miss a choon while in the toilet, because you'll hear it in every other bar in town for the following 6 weeks.’
    • ‘We had a conversation about the word "copacetic" the other day, and this choon features that word.’
    • ‘It's a jolly, summery, radio-friendly dance choon.’
    • ‘It's a sneering analysis of the British political apathy that was prevalent at the time, and a blimmin' good indie-rock choon, too.’
    • ‘It's been all over Radio 1 for months, and a mighty fine choon it is too, although it sounds nothing like the Rolling Stones' version.’
    • ‘Think I've persuaded her to come out in Clapham for a night at the Brewers for some cheesy choons.’
    • ‘Songs don't matter, it's all about hooks, choruses, catchy choons.’
    • ‘On the other side of the room, a DJ spins some inoffensive Motown choons.’
    • ‘Almost as radical for dance music, it's an album of verse-chorus-verse choons, played on real instruments.’


1990s informal respelling of tune.