Meaning of chop-chop in English:


adverb & exclamation

  • Quickly; quick.

    ‘‘Two pints, chop-chop,’ Jimmy called’
    • ‘Victor needs help with something so you need to go… chop-chop, you know what I mean?’
    • ‘Now, chop-chop - we've got a revolution to organise!’
    • ‘Instead, another layer of inaccuracy via inference: Since Hu's family has caused all this trouble by raising a fuss, peeved officialdom is going to make sure that the old girl is out of here chop-chop.’
    • ‘An emergency meeting was held, and The Brigade decided that naked pictures were needed, and chop-chop.’
    • ‘Just tell me what to do and I'll do it, chop, chop.’


Mid 19th century pidgin English, based on Chinese dialect kuaì-kuaì. Compare with chopstick.