Meaning of chop shop in English:

chop shop

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informal North American
  • A place where stolen vehicles are dismantled so that the parts can be sold or used to repair other stolen vehicles.

    • ‘police officers raided a chop shop yesterday, arresting thirteen people’
    • ‘Others are destined for so-called chop shops, that sell on the parts to rogue repair shops and mechanics.’
    • ‘We're not a chop shop, y'know; bring the car in, take the radio out and grab those hubcaps.’
    • ‘A chop shop strips it down to the chassis, and saves all the parts.’
    • ‘With reference to hijackings, Hackart said police would target, for example, chop shops and syndicates.’
    • ‘Pay those tickets tomorrow or watch your precious Mercedes, BMWs, and limos be turned over to some of the finest chop shops in the world.’
    • ‘Set in an actual chop shop that hit 16 degrees below zero, the intense scene was complete with actual grime dripping from the ceiling that the production crew did not have to manufacture.’
    • ‘Sure, an occasional vehicle disappears from the streets of our hometown, but Des Moines is light on beaches and chop shops.’
    • ‘According to one employee of the chop shop interviewed by the FBI, Tony often visited the East L.A. body shop, and on at least one occasion offered gang members who hung out there $500 apiece for stolen pay phones.’
    • ‘Hence, this delay is disastrous only if the thieves get the stolen vehicle to a fast-moving chop shop or across a national border.’
    • ‘He ran a illegal chop shop, selling stolen cars on the black market, and tearing up other cars to make into new ones.’
    • ‘They either have to settle for stealing your car stereo and air bag, towing your car all the way to the chop shop or they break into your house and steal your keys first.’
    • ‘They steal Porsches and sell them to a local chop shop for quick, untraceable cash.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, facilities vital to their operations, such as back alley chop shops where car bombs are built, are disappearing.’
    • ‘Police in Umtata last week confiscated suspected stolen motor vehicle parts with an estimated street value of about R2 million at a chop shop during an operation code-named ‘Octopus’.’
    • ‘I was a cultural mulatto, born and raised without the benefits of Watts, chop shops, Motown street corners, or deepdown Smithville fishing holes and chinaberry trees… I was too black to be white, too white to be black.’
    • ‘From there we traveled to Seth's parents' home, just in time to see his dad get a phone call from his friend informing him that the repair shop is a chop shop fueled by scams and being investigated by the FBI.’
    • ‘His motorbike, part Honda, part Harley, was stolen from a biker bar, after being liberated from a chop shop, thus being thrice stolen and unidentifiable.’
    • ‘Hopefully they are smart enough to deliver the car to the chop shop first and then come home with the money.’
    • ‘Only too often, like a chop shop car, the new whole is less than the sum of the parts.’
    • ‘With an auto repair center, suspected of doing occasional chop shop work, and gang members spotted in the vicinity, an online map check shows its location to be in the precise center of the pentagram Harris sketched.’