Meaning of chopping board in English:

chopping board


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  • A board on which vegetables and other types of food are chopped.

    ‘While the bread is toasting, place the garlic cloves on a chopping board, then press down on them hard with the flat side of a large kitchen knife so that they squash slightly and the skin cracks and is easy to peel off.’
    • ‘Lay the sardines on their side on a chopping board.’
    • ‘Scrape the flesh out and on to a chopping board, discarding the skin.’
    • ‘The chopping board is sloped and has grooves to grip the food and to encourage liquid to run away from the cutting area.’
    • ‘Bradford magistrates heard how the officers also came across dirt on shelves, on the kitchen floor, and on a chopping board.’
    • ‘The trick is to use a long, sharp knife and a large chopping board.’
    • ‘He was also given a set of cooking knives and a chopping board.’
    • ‘As the vegetables become nicely charred and cooked through, remove from the barbecue to the chopping board.’
    • ‘On a chopping board, using a kitchen knife, cut the baguette in half and then slice each half in two again lengthways.’
    • ‘Use separate chopping boards and utensils or wash them thoroughly to avoid cross-contamination between raw meat, and any cooked or ready-to-eat foods.’
    • ‘This leaves space at the back of the worktop for extra storage, in the form of roll-down aluminium shutters, open shelving, sliding glass panels or recessed knife racks with fold-down chopping boards.’
    • ‘The bacterium is killed by cooking, but can spread on knives, chopping boards, cloths and unwashed hands.’
    • ‘When the chicken is nearly ready, place the parsley, zest and garlic on a chopping board and chop together.’
    • ‘Place the salmon on a chopping board, skin side down, wrap in foil and place a weighted tray or plate on top of it.’
    • ‘And I worry about the serving area; have they sterilised the knife, or used a separate chopping board, for example?’
    • ‘Cameras above the preparation areas beamed a bird's-eye view of the chopping boards to screens around the auditorium to enable the audience to pick up some handy tips from close range.’
    • ‘Keep raw meat in a sealed container or bottom shelf of the fridge to stop it dripping onto cooked meat, and always use a different chopping board and utensils for preparing raw and cooked meat.’
    • ‘There were rows and rows of tables and work surfaces, covered in chopping boards, bowls, recipes books and various cooking utensils, as well as fruit, vegetables, meat, bags of rice and flour and jars of spices.’
    • ‘Take three squares of the filo pastry and place the first one down on a surface (a chopping board will do), then brush with clarified butter.’
    • ‘One in ten of those surveyed said they never used separate chopping boards and knives when preparing raw meat and ready-to-eat foods such as salads, meaning there could be a real risk of cross infection.’