Meaning of chopsocky in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtʃɒpˈsɒki/


informal North American mass noun, usually as modifier
  • Kung fu or a similar martial art, especially as depicted in violent action films.

    • ‘chopsocky epics from Hong Kong’
    • ‘But instead of hanging himself with his white belt, he signed up for acting lessons, where he honed a special brand of chopsocky comedy and deadpan delivery that has proven to be a deadly combination at the Asian box office.’
    • ‘The murderous ballet of the fight scenes, the blistering beauty of the cast, the optic nerve-sizzling colors - Zhang's art-house chopsocky flick verged on visual rapture.’
    • ‘A culmination of Stephen Chow's previous movies, Kung Fu Hustle raises the chopsocky comedy bar to another level.’
    • ‘This chopsocky comedy is definitive proof that writer/director/actor Stephen Chow is a comic genius in every sense of the word.’
    • ‘Longtime fans of the genre love it too, but if you're looking to initiate a reluctant friend into the percussive pleasures of chopsocky cinema, this is a fine place to start.’


1970s alteration of chop suey, influenced by chop and sock.