Meaning of choucroute in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃuːkruːt/


mass noun
  • Pickled cabbage; sauerkraut.

    ‘Here we serve 100 platefuls of choucroute a day.’
    • ‘However, the German name Sauerkraut and the French choucroute (a corruption of the German) were already in use, and stuck when the technique changed.’
    • ‘Chez Yvonne dishes up the best choucroute garnie, heaps of sauerkraut blanketed by cuts of pork and potatoes.’
    • ‘More tempting still was the lamb loin with braised belly and choucroute.’
    • ‘They sell fresh cheeses, roasting chickens, freshly-picked herbs, ripe melons, simmering pots of choucroute, arrays of olives and spices, brilliantly-coloured stone fruits in the summer, game birds, boar and wild mushrooms in the autumn.’


French, from German dialect Surkrut ‘sauerkraut’, influenced by French chou ‘cabbage’.