Meaning of chowki in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃaʊki/


(also chowky)
  • 1A police station or jail.

    ‘'I filed a complaint at the Shah Alam police chowki, and when Sonia came here, I gave her a written statement as well’ says Jannatbibi.’
    • ‘The water body opposite the police chowki had a good mix of birds.’
    • ‘Several times the complainant approached the Ramgarh police chowki and each time a compromise was arrived at.’
    • ‘I frequently visited two police stations and met officers and constables there as well as in the chowkis.’
  • 2A low wooden seat or stool.

    ‘participants in the conference will be seated on chowkis’
    • ‘I was made to sit on a chowki covered with a velvet red cloth adorned with a yellow gold edges curiously called a ‘masala’.’
    • ‘In the courtyard my meal was laid out covered with a tray on a chowki and a neighbor woman sat near it waiting for me.’


From Hindi caukī (see chokey).