Meaning of Chrimbo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɪmbəʊ/


(also Crimbo)
informal British
  • Christmas.

    • ‘auntie will drive the family mad all Chrimbo because she didn't get the CD she wanted’
    • ‘Come Chrimbo, it'll be number one and our lives will become an unbearable hell.’
    • ‘Most people get their Crimbo pressies from me in January.’
    • ‘And while no one wants to be mistaken for a Chrimbo decoration at the office party, you have to admit there's nothing like a bit of sparkly to get you into the Christmas spirit - and I'm not talking about champagne.’
    • ‘So I switched channels, only to land smack in the middle of another advert for Cliff plugging his latest Chrimbo number.’
    • ‘The Crimbo launch served as a spectacle in its own right and also to highlight the Hopswire exhibition launched at the Ryland Road studios the next evening.’
    • ‘I'll go up tomorrow for the Crimbo Eve drinks, and stay that night, coming home on St. Stephen's day.’
    • ‘I hope everyone else's Crimbo is going fine.’
    • ‘We then came back to my house, opened the Guinness and watch some of Roger Waters Live on DVD, and followed that with my Led Zeppelin Live DVD that he got me for Crimbo.’
    • ‘Well it turns out that the Peel book that my brother got me for Crimbo has been withdrawn from sale because of a threat of a libel action from a ‘third party’.’
    • ‘Not sure what to give your loved ones this Chrimbo?’
    • ‘For my part, I'd gladly do my man's Chrimbo shopping for him, as long as he gives me the cash and stays well out of my way - as in back at home and putting up the Christmas tree.’
    • ‘That said, there are some people with cause to believe Old Nick, rather than Little Saint Nick, is Chrimbo's true patron saint.’
    • ‘Talking of Chrimbo, the Diary is compiling a list of the worst gift ideas.’
    • ‘St Martin's Church sits resplendent at the centre of the development and tonight was all lit up for Chrimbo.’
    • ‘Getting back to the jolly spirit of Chrimbo though, this issue is packed with happy things to get you in the mood.’
    • ‘I had a lovely day with my family on Sunday - we had Crimbo early as I will be away.’
    • ‘Interactive Media in Retail Group found that half of the UK population shopped online this Chrimbo, spending more than £3bn - up 20 per cent on last year.’
    • ‘The final threat to be faced by Tottenham this Chrimbo is one young talent that Frank Arnesen has been trying to prise away from Palace's right wing.’
    • ‘If you're feeling a little adventurous today head down to the Continental Christmas Market for Chrimbo pressies with a difference.’
    • ‘Weighing up his chances of wheedling more Crimbo goodies from his doting mother, José opted for his now-familiar, patented hissy fit.’
    Christmas, Christmastime, Christmastide, festive season


1920s child's alteration.