Meaning of Chrissake in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrʌɪ(s)seɪk/

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‘He says: ‘Oh, for Chrissake, it's like treading on eggshells.’’
  • ‘Who just got a $150 coffee maker for his birthday, for Chrissake.’
  • ‘Candy is no weak sister - the girl's a personal trainer, for Chrissake, she is strong.’
  • ‘You're living above a bar for Chrissake, she laughed to herself.’
  • ‘My parents are trying to kill each other for Chrissake, and they're doing a damn good job of taking me with them.’
  • ‘He should be working at a fast food joint, for Chrissakes!’
  • ‘Banter was good… almost too good, since a few people were heard to shout, ‘Play some rock 'n' roll for Chrissakes!’’
  • ‘They don't even get the intro drum cue right, for Chrissakes!’
  • ‘For Chrissakes, I was new to L.A. and she seemed to like me.’
  • ‘One of 1979's most successful acts was the Village People, for Chrissakes.’
  • ‘For Chrissakes, they even took out the ‘the’ to make it punchier.’
  • ‘Look, you're old, you're getting grey hair, for Chrissakes.’
  • ‘It's full of good humor and a lighter tone than the Kinks have ever taken before, whether singing hoary warnings about ‘Alcohol’ or exhorting us to ‘Fer Chrissakes, Have A Cuppa Tea’.’
  • ‘Even he had not escaped life's vicissitudes, his own marriage finished, his children scarred, and two close friends dead of alcohol-induced heart failure, one in his forties, and the other, for Chrissakes, in his thirties.’
  • ‘‘For Chrissakes,’ I swear angrily, my voice again lost.’
  • ‘And overheard as first prize in the prize draw was announced: ‘Who the hell here wants to win a computer, for Chrissakes?’’
  • ‘And those words… I mean, you might as well have been flaunting yourself naked, for Chrissakes.’
  • ‘The action was childish, and that was all, for Chrissakes.’
  • ‘For Chrissakes if you cannot survive in a democracy, where will you survive then?’


    for Chrissake
    • For Christ's sake (used as an exclamation of annoyance or exasperation)

      • ‘for Chrissake, listen to me!’


1920s representing a pronunciation.