Meaning of Christian era in English:

Christian era



the Christian era
  • The period of time which begins with the traditional date of Christ's birth.

    ‘Spread outside China during the first centuries of the Christian era the orange began to spread beyond China, as the citron had done earlier.’
    • ‘Early in the Christian era, the Goths migrated south to establish kingdoms in North Africa and much of Europe, such as the Ostrogothic kingdom in the Ukraine.’
    • ‘His most celebrated historical writings were originally lectures on the history of liberty in the ancient world and in the Christian era.’
    • ‘To appreciate the poignancy of this statement, it is necessary to recall Galician's chequered history since it started its evolution from Latin just before the Christian era.’
    • ‘Plant researchers theorize that eggplants were first eaten on the Indian subcontinent, and Chinese records note mild-flavored eggplant hundreds of years before the Christian era.’
    • ‘Malta's written history began well before the Christian era.’
    • ‘At the beginning of the first millennium of the Christian era, synagogues were all-purpose buildings for assembly in village and town.’
    • ‘In the first fifteen hundred years of the Christian era, this was not so much a problem, because a general balance was maintained between the supply and the need.’
    • ‘The Monastery gets its name from its use as a Byzantine church during the Christian era - there are crosses carved on one wall - but was in fact constructed in the third century BC.’
    • ‘The Asclepian temples survived for centuries, extending into the Christian era.’
    • ‘Historians and folklorists interested in tracing ‘pagan survivals’ from the pre-Christian into the Christian era have been especially inclined to this approach.’
    • ‘This is the Christian claim that all men are equal as Sons of God, but the same claim can be made in secular terms, and was in fact made in such terms by the Stoics, centuries before the Christian era.’
    • ‘The two poems come out of traditional oral storytellers extending over the centuries until these oral poems were finally written down in the latter part of the ninth century before the Christian era.’
    • ‘The early centuries of the Christian era saw the rise of the Mahyna, a broad-based movement emphasizing inclusivity and an expanded role for the laity.’
    • ‘It survived Julius Caesar's torching of the nearby dockyards in 50 BC to last beyond the era of the Ptolemys well into the 3rd century of the Christian era, when it was destroyed in a local uprising.’
    • ‘The centuries immediately preceding and following the beginning of the Christian era are notable for the production of an immense body of literature.’
    • ‘In the first episode of the series, Darymple looks at the centuries leading up to the Christian era and what their religious systems mean to us today.’
    • ‘After the Greeks, Western philosophy in the Christian era was for many centuries dominated by people who were also profoundly religious, and who were seeking to understand more about God's world.’
    • ‘Only under the Qin and then Han dynasties, in the two centuries immediately before the Christian era, was China largely unified.’
    • ‘Originally known as Bengal, the region of the eastern Indian subcontinent around the Bay of Bengal has been settled since the first centuries of the Christian era and has a recorded history of over two millennia.’