Meaning of chromakey in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrəʊməkiː/


mass noun
  • A digital technique by which a block of a particular colour (often blue or green) in a film or video image can be replaced by another colour or image, enabling, for example, a weather forecaster to appear against a background of a computer-generated weather map.

    ‘the weatherman is gesturing at a blank wall, and the image is inserted by chromakey’
    • ‘During rehearsals for the main ITV1 programmes, the channel decamps to a small single-camera chromakey studio, which wasn't too bad with the old look as you almost couldn't tell to look at it visually.’
    • ‘Arm yourself with Eejit's ‘Film Lingo’ and you'll soon know your cookie from your cutaway, your capture card from your chromakey, so you can easily cut to your closeup.’
    • ‘You've seen chromakey in action, even if you might not know what it is.’
    • ‘So chromakey can be a fabulous illusion but if it's not actually working properly it can be a confusing illusion - which brings us to confusion.’
    • ‘Moving titles, particle effects and chromakey are added to spice things up.’
    • ‘If you have been shooting chromakeys and have yet to see the final process and how it is accomplished, I strongly suggest you try it before you shoot your next key.’
    • ‘Indeed, the old standby of chromakey, aka Colour Separation Overlay, could well be a contributing factor in this development.’
    • ‘And while playing the piano is a might fine talent, we don't need to watch you doing it in front of a chromakey screen.’
    • ‘Today it's more about the abilities in post that help make for better chromakeys than just the camera.’
    • ‘If you work with chromakeys on a regular basis, it would behoove you to take a look at ULTRA 2.’
    • ‘During the shoot, they used a realtime chromakey switcher to help perfect the positioning, but performed all actual chromakeys in Adobe After Effects.’
    • ‘It even does a great job of creating chromakeys, where the subject is shot against a blue or green screen and then that color is replaced by other stills or video.’
    • ‘The Special Effects Studio is optimized for creating chromakeys and other special effects, and is equipped with a dedicated lighting grid and live-on-tape recording equipment.’
    • ‘A solid color background - chromakey blue or green, for instance - is placed behind the subject to be shot and inserted through an effects generator.’
    • ‘It supports heavy graphical manipulations, multi-layered graphics with chromakey transparency and optimised blit, zoom, rotate and scale functions.’

verbverb chromakeys, verb chromakeying, verb chromakeyed

[with object]
  • Manipulate (an image) using the chromakey technique.

    as noun chromakeying ‘examples of chromakeying on television’
    • ‘The anchor sergeant is shot against a blue screen, and chromakeyed in post over the virtual set, which we created in Strata 3DPro.’
    • ‘But for those whose editing programs won't handle the pre-keyed footage, we've chromakeyed it so you can key it yourself.’
    • ‘If the polarity of the area signal is reversed, the region which can be chromakeyed is reversed as a matter of course.’
    • ‘For those keyers still wet behind the ears, here is an excellent tutorial on chromakeying in After Effects.’
    • ‘Increasingly, chromakeying has become indispensable in graphic design and still photography.’
    • ‘We simply printed out some blue squares, hung them from some metal clips and wire dangled off a tree in my back yard, set them on fire and then chromakeyed out the blue.’
    • ‘The song takes them from the typical running around trees to a supermarket and finally to a dance floor, with a lot of very badly chromakeyed flying thrown in.’
    • ‘This second way is edited by fading in the chromakeyed video track at the appropriate time.’
    • ‘If at all possible, shoot on Betacam or Digibeta, if only for the shots that involve chromakeying.’
    • ‘The edge colour of a chromakeyed composition can be altered to that of a complementary or selected colour, and mattes can be created by pulling a key from any colour background.’
    • ‘The signal would go through to be chromakeyed to the blue-and-yellow colour scheme, and then go out for transmission.’
    • ‘Clearly they will be chromakeyed out of the scene and replaced with some part of Godzilla in the movie.’
    • ‘That's not to say that the chromakeyed results will look as great as a well done shot at sunset.’
    • ‘This quickly led us to an interest in chromakeying techniques for creating virtual settings.’
    • ‘The image from the first camera would be fed into digital mixer A and chromakeyed to create a silhouette.’
    • ‘It was drawn against a black backdrop in the Swap buffer and picked up as a custom brush, chromakeyed to black background for transparency around it, and rendered in additive mode.’
    • ‘Also, chromakeying is performed recursively, so that the background will still be visible regardless of the number of chromakeyed images superimposed on it.’
    • ‘The interesting design decision with this game is their use of live actors chromakeyed into the scene for many of the cinematics.’
    • ‘Participants stand in front of a blue screen and have their video image chromakeyed into the virtual court action.’
    • ‘We typically design and create a virtual set at KLVX for each event, employing a chromakeyed background of an actual photo from the featured theme.’