Meaning of chuddies in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃʌdɪz/

plural noun

  • (chiefly among British Asians) underpants.

    • ‘According to Arfaan Khan, a British Pakistani linguist, a number of Hindi words such as chuddies are currently being imported from the Indian subcontinent.’
    • ‘Mahal says: ‘Thanks to British-Asian media, the word chuddies is now widely known in the UK.‘’
    • ‘From the BBC Comedy show, ‘Goodness Gracious Me’, comes the word chuddies, meaning underpants.’
    • ‘Maybe I'll ask him next time my software's got its chuddies in a twist.’
    • ‘'You packed my socks and chuddies!' his father said, holding up the things with a look of incredulity.’


Late 19th century (originally in Indian English, referring to short trousers): from Hindi or Punjabi caḍḍī.