Meaning of chuffing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃʌfɪŋ/


informal Northern English
  • Used for emphasis or as a mild expletive.

    • ‘the whole chuffing world's gone mad’
    • ‘Of course, it still could be that when I get to the Arena no-one will know a chuffing thing, in which case there may be a retraction on Saturday…’
    • ‘Partly hidden though it was by a nearby apartment block, there's no mistaking it in silhouette: a chuffing great, perfectly symmetrical trapezoid, towering on the horizon and always, always far bigger than you expect it to be.’
    • ‘‘We don't need any chuffing GPS’ he says in his distinctly upper-crust, yet man-of-the-world accent.’
    • ‘The Day Job hangs over me like the sword of chuffing Damocles.’
    • ‘I'm included on this thing, although I haven't a chuffing clue what any of it means.’
    • ‘So being the polite chap I am, I had to get to the back of the chuffing queue’
    • ‘Sorry to keep banging on about the same old subject, but is there any stopping chuffing Chelsea?’
    • ‘I can only study at home when Thomas has gone off to bed, and what with one thing and another I'm left with about an hour a night to work my way through these chuffing text books.’
    • ‘Obviously most people visit Windsor in chuffing big air-conditioned coaches, and - on the evidence of yesterday - most coach tours now seem to also insist on a uniform for all passengers.’
    • ‘‘The Audio Bullys‘aren't just great - they're chuffing fantastic!’
    • ‘Mind you, the meal that resulted from my middle-class organic shopping spree was chuffing gorgeous.’
    damned, damn, damnable, wretched, accursed, rotten, horrible


1980s euphemistic alteration of fucking or another strong expletive; related to chuff.