Meaning of churchy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃəːtʃi/

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adjectiveadjective churchier, adjective churchiest

  • 1(of a person) excessively pious and often narrow-minded.

    ‘I was famous for being churchy and stuck-up’
    • ‘she moves home to live with her churchy, well-to-do parents’
    • ‘I thought that life with all these churchy people and all this faith stuff was going to be dull and boring.’
    • ‘It's a small car once owned by a pleasant churchy guy who later became pope.’
    • ‘‘I'm a free thinker, and you're so churchy,’ she says.’
    • ‘My family is extremely churchy and they're always praying for me.’
    • ‘I suspect you are all well versed with the arguments, which pit us innocent wine drinkers against all those sanctimonious churchy types.’
    • ‘But this is a small town as typical as anywhere else in the American heartland: earnest, churchy, amiable, inward-looking, bland, conformist, trusting.’
    • ‘The film is soon overtaken by a new mood towards the churchy authorities, and the uptight religious types are shown to be just as nice as unwed moms.’
    • ‘Vicar husband Pete is the great, great grandson of Arthur - but was born into the poor, churchy side of the family.’
    • ‘Or am I going to simply become churchy and try to look good?’
    • ‘There's nothing them churchy folk like better than a good funeral, when the world can say nice things about some dead old man that they don't really mean…’
    • ‘It is less churchy, less self-congratulatory and more open than another county - Cambridgeshire - that I know well.’
    • ‘I'll bet you thought this post was going to be churchy.’
    • ‘My stepfather has apparently gone a bit churchy in his old age.’
    • ‘O'Brien told him that he was often accused of being too churchy, and that he had really tried with his sermon that night.’
    • ‘I think the spiritual dimension of Australian writing, as Kevin Hart the poet said, ‘Is not churchy, but is nevertheless religious.’’
    • ‘The Stams were relatively relaxed Calvinists. ‘In our house we have a faith, but it's not that we were very strict and very churchy,’ says Stam.’
    • ‘I was in a debate with a churchy coworker of mine about the bible and sinning and all that.’
    • ‘Or maybe it was just another chance to make the Conservatives look silly-their churchy types predictably attacked him getting the post.’
    • ‘It sounds a bit churchy, but really, that's what we're about.’
    self-righteous, holier-than-thou, churchy, pious, pietistic, moralizing, unctuous, smug, superior, priggish, mealy-mouthed, hypocritical, insincere, for form's sake, to keep up appearances
  • 2Resembling a church.

    ‘Gothic design looks too churchy’
    • ‘The designer actually specializes in Contemporary Sacred Art, so… if you're in the market for something more churchy, why not visit his homepage, too?’
    • ‘The converted bell chamber is huge, with high churchy windows.’
    • ‘The turbine hall's dimensions and proportions, the windows at each end and the choir-screen bridge that divides the nave space of the entrance from the space beyond, are churchy.’
    • ‘The sound quality of these CDs is excellent, though the ubiquitous churchy echo, doubtless judged atmospheric, is sometimes hard to take.’
    • ‘He does a good job of glueing the whole together with big, churchy organ chords and squelchy analogue synths.’
    • ‘Even the light of the Guggenheim is transformed, its walls blackened and its radiance dimmed to churchy darkness.’
    • ‘It still had stained glass windows and overlooked the churchy bit proper.’
    • ‘Thus, These are the Ghosts is unquestionably trad, but soaked in a churchy eeriness that befits its title.’
    • ‘The atmosphere was once more churchy, thanks in part to a collection for funds to pay the rent.’
    priestly, ministerial, clerical, ecclesiastic, prelatic, canonical, parsonical, pastoral