Meaning of churinga in English:


Pronunciation /tʃʌˈrɪŋɡə/

nounplural noun churinga, plural noun churingas

  • (among some Australian Aboriginal peoples) a sacred object.

    ‘For instance Central Australian Aborigines never sold churingas, because they were central to their belief system.’
    • ‘The tribal churinga ensured perpetuation of plant and animal life needed for the support of people.’
    • ‘Ceremonial objects such as churingas were often carved as were functional objects such as boomerangs, message sticks and didgeridoos.’
    • ‘Sitting in a circle on the cleared earth, the churingas are passed to each of your group in turn.’
    • ‘These three churingas come from the Western Desert area of Australia.’


Late 19th century from Arrernte, literally ‘object from the dreaming’.