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churn rate

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  • The annual percentage rate at which customers stop subscribing to a service or employees leave a job.

    ‘the churn rate for cable is much higher than that for satellite services’
    • ‘the staff turnover or ‘churn rate’ is about 1 per cent’
    • ‘Satellite providers like to tout numbers that show the churn rate for cable is much higher than that for satellite services.’
    • ‘Sales of the new digital service increased 25%, while the churn rate among digital customers dropped 13%, officials say.’
    • ‘‘The numbers were shocking - some telcos had a 70 percent annual churn rate,’ says Schroeck.’
    • ‘The report cites what has become a common statistic: a 5% monthly churn rate for digital cable services.’
    • ‘But he insists that the system helped the company keep its annual turnover at about 5% in an industry with a notorious churn rate.’
    • ‘Their numbers speak for themselves: 10.6 million customers, average revenue per client of $69 per month, and a churn rate of 2.1 percent.’
    • ‘Its churn rate is reducing, but at an annualised rate of 23% the company has to do an enormous amount of marketing just to stand still.’
    • ‘The subscriber churn rate was down to 9.6% from 10.5% in the quarter - the lowest level recorded since the launch of the company's digital service.’
    • ‘The usual experience of other networks is of a churn rate of the order of 25% to 35% per annum.’
    • ‘It has seen customer numbers flatten out and is still seeing a 36 per cent churn rate - dropping, it says, but still too high.’
    • ‘Whether we can sustain such a dividend for the full year will depend on whether we can stem our fixed line churn rate and get new revenue streams from new products.’
    • ‘Insight's 1.5% churn rate for digital falls far below the 4% to 5% average for conventional digital products.’
    • ‘The provider's churn rate declined by 21% when two products were delivered, and by 50% when customers signed up for three services.’
    • ‘One would think from a consumer perspective that high churn rate is a good thing.’
    • ‘Based on experience to date, the president of the company contends, ‘cable modem service churn rates are virtually nonexistent.’’
    • ‘Operators subsidise handsets by as much as €400 as part of acquiring customers but churn rates are still at 30 per cent.’
    • ‘It's adding an additional service that is likely to hold down churn rates for the service provider.’
    • ‘If you look at our churn rates today, we're losing customers practically as fast as we're taking them on.’
    • ‘Since then the provider has struggled to get 1m customers, partly because it suffers very high churn rates.’
    • ‘They got many more people to sign up and (more importantly) reduced churn rates quite a bit.’