Meaning of ciabatta in English:


Pronunciation /tʃəˈbɑːtə/


mass noun
  • A flattish, open-textured Italian bread with a floury crust, made with olive oil.

    ‘wonderful Italian breads including ciabatta’
    • ‘all manner of olive breads and ciabattas’
    • ‘While most are familiar with focaccia, the Italian flatbread, ciabatta was all new to me.’
    • ‘Start off with some good bread - ciabatta if possible.’
    • ‘Every culture has a different way of baking - we have the Italians to thank for ciabatta.’
    • ‘Practically any bread can be used, from the simple white pan loaf to more ‘exotic’ breads like a ciabatta.’
    • ‘Divide between four serving dishes, scatter with parsley and serve with lemon wedges, ciabatta bread and a green salad.’
    • ‘We both relished the dark rye bread and nutty ciabatta slices with this first course.’
    • ‘Nowadays, though, there is a huge variety of rolls, bagels, pittas, flatbreads, ciabattas and baguettes to choose from.’
    • ‘So first you have this thick toast - it's ciabatta bread they bought from down the street at Blue Ribbon.’
    • ‘You can lunch here on a salami and salad ciabatta or Tuscan bean stew.’
    • ‘Now all you have to do is turn the picked crab meat into a great supper by piling it high on garlicky, grilled ciabatta rolls.’
    • ‘My kitchen is a constant host to half-eaten loaves of bread - baguettes, rustic loaves, ciabatta - that went with some forgotten meal.’
    • ‘To serve, spoon some salad into a salad plate and arrange some ox tongue and ciabatta on top.’
    • ‘Serve with home-made garlic bread made by smearing both halves of a half-bake ciabatta generously with olive oil, then sprinkling over three cloves of finely chopped garlic.’
    • ‘I have had this as a light supper twice recently, scooping up the cheese and beans with hunks of warm and fluffy ciabatta.’
    • ‘She showered, got dressed, and made a rustic lunch of half a loaf of ciabatta bread and a can of tuna.’
    • ‘Any crusty white bread will do; however, ciabatta is best for this one.’
    • ‘From the specials board I selected bacon and chicken ciabatta with salad.’
    • ‘Across the way was a café, so I went and bought myself a black coffee and a black olive ciabatta (a small consolation for my wasted afternoon).’
    • ‘I sit in Cafe 1001, eating a crispy bacon ciabatta and reading Time Out, and this is when I start feeling morose.’
    • ‘There was a limited selection of sandwiches in plain or ciabatta bread priced from £3.50 to £5.85.’


Italian, literally ‘slipper’ (from its shape).