Meaning of cicchetti in English:


Pronunciation /tʃɪˈkɛti/

plural noun

(also cicheti)
  • (chiefly in Venice) savoury snacks or small side dishes, typically served in a bar or informal restaurant.

    ‘we dined on cicchetti washed down with a glass of local wine’
    • ‘Eating on a budget in Venice usually means hitting up the city's cicchetti bars.’
    • ‘The adults fancied a pick and mix kind of lunch so the cicchetti ticked our boxes.’
    • ‘If you avoid the obvious pizza and pasta in favour of seafood and cicchetti, then you'll never feel bloated.’
    • ‘Most hot dishes are under 10 euros, while the small cicchetti (Venetian tapas) are one euro each.’
    • ‘Francesco and his son Matteo vary the cicchetti they produce daily, depending upon what's in season.’
    • ‘Their cicchetti offerings with the likes of tempura monkfish with dipping mayo and Venetian frittata, looked seriously tempting.’
    • ‘Our server disappeared once it got busy (we were seated at the cicchetti bar) and we had to ask for our check three times.’
    • ‘On my visit to Bar Ombra on Tuesday none of the cicchetti we had disappointed us.’
    • ‘Just 10 euro got us a glass of wine, eight cicchetti and a spot by the canalside.’
    • ‘Inspired by the scruffy bars of downtown New York, and the bars of Venice that serve 'cicheti' bar snacks, the restaurants share a casual, cool scruffiness and an absolute dedication to delicious food.’
    • ‘We ended in a bar near the Pescheria, with live music, a view of the grand canal and outstanding cicchetti.’
    • ‘Everything is just right, from the wood and marble bar piled high with tasty cicheti to the gleaming copper pots overhead.’
    • ‘Our bill for two glasses of good wine and a couple of cicchetti each comes to a grand total of 3.70.’
    • ‘If time is tight, come for a quick snack; the bar, with its good range of cicheti, is just as crowded as the main restaurant space.’
    • ‘We picked our way through plates of freshly cooked 'cicheti', sort of Venetian tapas, and sampled that day's short list of local wines by the glass.’
    • ‘Most people come here for the polpette - spicy meatballs - but the other cicheti are good, too - especially, in spring and autumn, the batter-fried artichokes.’


Italian, from cicchetto (denoting a single dish).