Meaning of cidery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsʌɪdəri/

nounplural noun cideries

  • A place where cider is made commercially.

    ‘the cidery produces an assortment of tasty tipples from more than 50 varieties of organic heritage apples’
    • ‘In the afternoon tour the Merridale cidery to enjoy a refreshing glass of cider.’
    • ‘They have proposed that 90 endangered apple varieties are identified in each region to be promoted to orchards, cideries, restaurants and kitchens in order to increase their production.’
    • ‘I won't quit my part timer because it is work in a cidery and it's awesome.’
    • ‘Cattle and pigs eat the grass under the trees as well as whatever fruits and nuts are not harvested for market sales or the on-farm cidery where apples and other fruits are pressed, fermented, and sold as hard cider.’
    • ‘Good news: A cidery and brewery is slated to open at Indian Ladder Farms in Altamont.’
    • ‘He knows of plans for a cidery nearby, one new avenue for local apples.’
    • ‘We visit New Zealand's only dedicated cidery in Nelson to find out the best things about this beverage which is slowly catching up to beer as the preferred alcohol of choice this summer.’
    • ‘These guys take the juice from a variety of apples which don't make the cut for exports from two main orchids in this region just a stone's throw from their cidery.’
    • ‘"I had to time myself yesterday," says Glenn Cross, a farmer who is about to start offering tours of his cidery, orchard and vegetable gardens.’
    • ‘A young local couple, after years of experimenting, is taking the produce from its orchards and opening a craft apple cidery, complete with tasting room.’


  • Smelling or tasting of cider.

    ‘sorghum beer can have a tart, cidery taste’
    • ‘the cidery scent of fruit browning under the trees’
    • ‘The sauerkraut had really interesting unexpected flavors - like cloves, for example, and something cidery.’
    • ‘The power of Autumn is captured in the description of "the blue stagnant air of autumn which hung over everything [and] was heavy with a sweet cidery smell" (xxv 133).’
    • ‘It was still cidery and yummy.’
    • ‘It squirted us with apple juice near sell-by so possibly fermenting and cidery.’
    • ‘A moist, flavorful pulled pork sandwich is basted in an apple cidery barbecue sauce.’
    • ‘The "cidery whiff of rotten apples" in "Saved" seeps through the stories with the tang of decay.’
    • ‘Making cider less cidery has certainly worked wonders for that industry.’
    • ‘For the uninitiated, kombucha is a fermented tea beverage with a "cidery, vinegary" taste, Crews said.’
    • ‘Her Moroccan spin on chicken flew past the glazed and cidery take on beer-can chicken.’