Meaning of cierge in English:


Pronunciation /sɪˈɛːʒ/


  • A wax candle, especially one used in religious ceremonies.

    ‘the cierges were lighted, and a splendid mass in music performed’
    • ‘I never saw the Church so adorned with Tapestry and Lustres, nor illuminated with cierges in my life.’
    • ‘Inspired by your thoughts, I went to the Cathedral before the game and paid 4 big bucks to light a cierge.’
    • ‘Edward donated six manors to the abbey on condition that the whole convent attended an annual vigil with 'one hundred cierges being being lighted about the queen's tomb'.’
    • ‘In order than the finished cierges may cool gradually, they should be put between cloths and covered with blankets.’
    • ‘I dutifully went ahead and nailed the thing up, even lighted a cierge or two.’
    taper, sconce


Middle English from Old French cerge, from Latin cereas ‘wax taper’.