Meaning of cinder cone in English:

cinder cone


  • A cone formed round a volcanic vent by fragments of lava thrown out during eruptions.

    ‘Small vesicular pieces of volcanic material, scoria, collect around the vent to form a cinder cone.’
    • ‘Pago is a cinder cone about 820 feet high near the center of the caldera.’
    • ‘Ground was broken to begin construction on a cinder cone atop an inactive volcano called Mauna Kea.’
    • ‘The Roden Crater is a particularly well-formed cinder cone.’
    • ‘If you're not up for the entire trail, you can hike a short distance and still get to see panoramic views of cinder cones and lava flows.’
    • ‘The road continues 35 miles northwest past cinder cones and lava beds.’
    • ‘Sunset Crater Volcano, one of the nearly six hundred cinder cones in the San Francisco Volcanic Field, stands more than 300 meters tall near the eastern edge of the field.’
    • ‘Discover the desert this spring, and explore the panoramas, sand dunes, and cinder cones of the Mojave National Preserve.’
    • ‘These structures are interpreted to be cinder cones and part of a vent complex that was the source of some of the pyroclastic eruptions and lava flows found in the Ryberg, Jensen and Nansen Fjords region.’
    • ‘One of the most geologically complex volcanoes on Earth, Etna has four summit craters and more than 250 cinder cones on its flanks.’