Meaning of Cinderella story in English:

Cinderella story

nounplural noun Cinderella stories

  • Used in reference to a situation in which a person, team, etc., of low status or importance unexpectedly achieves great success or public recognition.

    ‘the team ended their Cinderella story with a 6–5 triumph’
    • ‘The band's Cinderella story isn't as clear-cut as the press releases would like everyone to believe.’
    • ‘The favoured team fell victim to last season's Cinderella story in a shocking first round defeat in the playoffs.’
    • ‘This year's Cinderella story is a low-budget indie that was lauded by critics and racked up five major nominations.’
    • ‘It's a Cinderella story, about a ragtag group of kids who loved making noise, but didn't have a clue about precision or style.’
    • ‘Some people have described your trip to the championship as a Cinderella story.’
    • ‘The team moves from being a Cinderella story to a favorite.’
    • ‘They are a Cinderella story of a band that started from scratch and became one of the biggest rock and roll bands of the last decade.’
    • ‘The company's rise has been something of a Cinderella story.’
    • ‘While I'm sure others have accomplished more against greater odds than he did this year, his was still a Cinderella story to marvel at.’
    • ‘She was a Cinderella story at this year's U.S. open.’
    • ‘The construction worker qualified by winning an online tournament and came to the final table as the Cinderella story.’
    • ‘The story behind this film getting made and making so much money is perhaps the Cinderella story of the year, and the academy likes Cinderella stories.’


With reference to the tale of Cinderella.