Meaning of cingulum in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪŋɡjʊləm/

nounplural noun cingula/ˈsɪŋɡjʊlə/

  • 1A curved bundle of nerve fibres in each hemisphere of the brain.

    ‘A large proportion of fibers in the cingulum traverse only relatively short segments of this rather compact bundle.’
    • ‘Between the cingulum and the periphery of the specimen, note the mingling of short and long association fibers with projection and commissural fibers.’
    belt, sash, strap, cummerbund, waistband, band, girth, cord, fillet
  • 2A ridge of enamel on the base or margin of the crown of a tooth.

    ‘Two enamel ridges cross the anterior cingulum.’
    • ‘The crown is constricted at the base, and a large cingulum is present.’
    • ‘The teeth are transversely compressed and a cingulum is absent.’
    • ‘The posterior cingulum is short, terminating before reaching the lingual margin of the tooth.’
    • ‘A small cusp may have been present on the anterior cingulum where this crest ended.’


Mid 19th century from Latin, ‘belt’, from cingere ‘gird’.