Meaning of circle jerk in English:

circle jerk


North American
  • 1 informal A situation in which a group of people engage in self-indulgent or self-gratifying behaviour, especially by reinforcing each other's views or attitudes.

    • ‘those award ceremonies are big circle jerks’
    • ‘It is a smug, cliquey, comedians' circle jerk that is written as self-deprecating yet is anything but.’
    • ‘I'm sure they still plan to do their cathartic group-yell and post it on the internet in a weird form of electronic circle jerk.’
    • ‘The net result was a gigantic circle jerk.’
    • ‘For the last ten years, it's been very much cyberpunk as an '80s circle jerk.’
    • ‘Hollywood giving itself awards for stories about itself is without question the world 's glitziest circle jerk.’
    • ‘He wasn't impressed, calling the review process "a big circle jerk".’
    • ‘A film about the making of an indie film is already enough of a circle jerk.’
    • ‘The Academy Awards is a huge circle jerk for the Hollywood elite.’
    • ‘You don't want it to turn into a bit of a circle jerk.’
    • ‘Award shows are, at the best of times, a circle jerk.’
  • 2 vulgar slang An act of group masturbation among males.