Meaning of circle work in English:

circle work


mass noun informal Australian
  • The recreational activity of driving a vehicle around in tight circles.

    • ‘the boys were doing circle work in a muddy paddock’
    • ‘Besides the circle work, we held mass meetings in the woods, to which the workers came in scores.’
    • ‘He told me that despite the crash, circle work had not ceased.’
    • ‘This circle work has gone on for over 20 years.’
    • ‘After that, all circle work was done with a seat belt.’
    • ‘She mixed it with the blokes in the circle work, receiving the encouragement award for her ability to kick up dust.’
    • ‘A favourite attraction is circle work, in which a truck spins its back wheels in a tight circle, kicking up huge clouds of dust and the noxious smell of burnt rubber.’
    • ‘The young people go to drink rum, listen to bad music, do circle work in utes, throw food dye at one another, and attempt to pick up.’
    • ‘He is almost as proud of his circle work as he is of his 1978 Holden ute.’
    • ‘Drawing can be extended off the page in conceptual ways, such as using cars doing circle work to make marks.’
    • ‘The vehicle was observed doing circle work on the bridge, which caused oncoming traffic to stop or swerve to avoid a collision.’