Meaning of circs in English:


Pronunciation /səːks/

plural noun

informal British
  • Circumstances.

    • ‘anyone would have done the same under the circs’
    • ‘So, given the right circs there's a chance he could end up at one of many Victorian clubs.’
    • ‘But perhaps, in the circs, I won't say any of that.’
    • ‘I plead mitigating circs; I was only 14.’
    • ‘No matter how dire the circs, there's always an upside.’
    • ‘In those circs everything always seems to go right for the under-dogs.’
    • ‘Playing hostage rescue in these circs is rarely, if ever, a good idea.’
    • ‘Under what circs would you use it?’
    • ‘Given the circs, I am not surprised to find myself missing my ex-fiancé.’
    circumstances, surroundings