Meaning of citron pressé in English:

citron pressé

Pronunciation /ˌsiːtrɒ̃ ˈprɛseɪ/

nounplural noun citrons pressés, plural noun citron pressés

  • A drink made from freshly squeezed lemon juice, water, sugar, and ice.

    ‘he sat on the terrace beneath a red parasol and sipped a citron pressé’
    • ‘Park your car and keep on walking for two minutes to enjoy anything from a citron pressé to delicious lobster and crab.’
    • ‘Home-made lemonade is as fine a beverage as any in the world, and particularly refreshing in hot weather; this is citron pressé in France.’
    • ‘Some may drink alcohol, others may opt for a citron pressé or a milky latte, and the streets will be thronged with a melange of well-behaved promenaders.’
    • ‘Of course, despite the tight schedule, Richard still finds time to revel in the land of dusty cafes, beautiful B&Bs and the perfect citron pressé.’
    • ‘Things got sort of busy between the ages of 14 and 32, so I ended up only drinking a handful more citrons pressés in the intervening years, which was kind of a disappointment.’
    • ‘The player announced that he would give his salary (estimated at £150,000 a week, which is a lot of citrons pressés however you look at it) to a French children's charity.’


French, literally ‘squeezed lemon’, from citron ‘lemon’ and presser ‘press, squeeze’.