Meaning of city desk in English:

city desk


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  • 1British The department of a newspaper dealing with business news.

  • 2North American The department of a newspaper dealing with local news.

    ‘I'll fall back into the routine of covering whatever local news comes across the city desk at the Boston Herald.’
    • ‘The leaves dropping from the trees in autumn, the interior of an airplane engine, the city desk of a newspaper, all appear to be chaos if they are seen without comprehension.’
    • ‘‘When I was reporting, I always felt that he was keenly enthusiastic about a good story and 100 percent supportive of the reporters on The Inquirer city desk.’’
    • ‘Every reporter working the city desk should be trained in how to use these databases - whether they had training in college or not.’
    • ‘One young man, who had written a good story, replete with direct quotation and description, was asked by the city desk how he could have obtained such detail, as most of the action had been completed before he had been assigned to the story.’
    • ‘I don't take pictures into meetings to debate the photo editing any more than I would expect the city desk or the wire desk to provide a full copy of stories for me to help them edit.’
    • ‘At a large, national paper, the city desk, national desk and foreign desk all fight for space in the front of the paper.’
    • ‘But then I went back to the ‘Star-Telegram,’ and I'd just walked in the door when the phone rang on the city desk.’
    • ‘I went up to the city desk to try to help out as best I could.’
    • ‘It lay on the car seat next to me as I drove back to the city desk.’
    • ‘The database can give us a quick reading, for example, on how many errors the city desk staff has made, year-to-date, and how that trend compares with last year and the year before that.’
    • ‘‘Daily Planet city desk,’ came the familiar voice, slightly breathless as always.’
    • ‘And that's when The Star's city desk team began to define duties and teams for the coming days.’
    • ‘I would urge both city desks and reporters to make use of available First Amendment resources.’
    • ‘The staunchest literalists on America's city desks must acknowledge that quotes are cleaned up all the time to make them more understandable and efficient.’
    • ‘During the hot season, a shower is ‘box’ news and lensmen scout for that off-beat rain shot which is sought by the city desk at the end of the day.’