Meaning of city dweller in English:

city dweller

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  • A person who lives in a city.

    ‘many city dwellers live in rented apartments’
    • ‘During the summer months, city dwellers come to Lennox to reside in several sea-side resorts.’
    • ‘For some city dwellers, however, even more basic needs are not being met.’
    • ‘Many city dwellers who grew up in remote locations might recall feeling imprisoned by their geographical fate.’
    • ‘Her observations on the isolation of city dwellers were often accompanied by that most urban music, jazz.’
    • ‘It's easy for city dwellers to see the benefits of car sharing.’
    • ‘City dwellers need not take a romantic perspective such as this when appreciating the quality of their own lives.’
    • ‘Further figures in the right background take a lively interest in these proceedings, evincing the nosiness of small-town life rather than the impersonality of city dwellers.’
    • ‘This Almanac may yet prove to be a worthy time capsule to help subsequent generations of Canadian city dwellers in their own quests for self-awareness.’
    • ‘As we mentioned earlier, it is mainly city dwellers who cultivate these plots.’
    • ‘The modern city dweller is subject to a bombardment of sensory stimuli that has no parallel outside urban experience.’
    • ‘While these images often include specific references to Rome or New York, the series as a whole may be seen as a tribute to cities and city dwellers everywhere.’
    • ‘For the city dweller, the appeal of roots and folk music sometimes lies in its evocation of "the pastoral", a simpler life, far from the mad-for-it crowd.’
    • ‘In every populous city there is an exuberance of energy and activity that leaves the small-town visitor feeling dazed and overwhelmed, but which the city dweller breathes as his air and element.’
    • ‘Now a half million city dwellers and many more survivors from the Gulf Coast are spreading across the US, bringing with them the funk and soul of New Orleans, spicing up America's culture.’
    • ‘Unlike Britain, where city dwellers may have little contact with those residing in the countryside, this remains a society of communities whose inter-connections are strong.’
    • ‘In Galway, the rental situation is one of the biggest problems for city dwellers.’
    • ‘He observed a growing tendency among city dwellers to install power showers instead of baths.’
    • ‘Czech food is not for vegetarians, consisting as it does of stews and roasts, delicious gravies and stodgy dumplings, but it would be a myth to imagine that this is what the city dwellers of Prague eat on a regular basis.’
    • ‘It took this city dweller a couple of days to adapt and to banish ludicrous notions of sun lotion thieves roaming the beaches.’