Meaning of city father in English:

city father



  • A person concerned with or experienced in the administration of a city.

    ‘the city fathers decided to build a museum’
    • ‘No doubt his inclusion of the slogan of self-determination was designed to inveigle some voters in the municipality of which he is a city father.’
    • ‘His party colleague, who was more of a firebrand leader, served three separate terms as city father from 1974 to '75, '79 to '81 and '92 to '94.’
    • ‘Thanks to an infrastructure tax, city father foresight and the help of some influential friends, it has just opened a swimming and diving center that rivals the recreational water setting that surrounds it.’
    • ‘The city fathers and government officials who had the foresight and courage to push through the investment in the water treatment system will one day be seen as visionaries.’
    • ‘Even city fathers expect the inspectors to be highly critical of their checking system.’
    • ‘Can't they understand why the city fathers built them that way in the first place?’
    • ‘Lidos, or outdoor pools, were built in the Twenties and Thirties by city fathers inspired by the German obsession with outdoor physical exercise and sunshine.’
    • ‘The city fathers must adopt new methods to levy the charcoal burners, motorists, fishmongers, vendors and all those engaged in economic activities and they will be surprised to see how their coffers will swell.’
    • ‘Now Glasgow's city fathers appear to be winning their last ditch struggle.’
    • ‘Despite what its schmaltzy TV ads claim about the company's positive effects on local communities, LA's city fathers have a different view.’
    • ‘It should not take an investor to tell the city fathers that the roads are run down and full of potholes.’
    • ‘I feel a little bit dismayed that the city fathers here have not done more.’
    • ‘It's clear that our city fathers never placed much emphasis on cultivating a public square in Los Angeles - a gathering place either for celebrations or protests.’
    • ‘A greater threat to the Midland came from the city fathers in the fifties, when proposals were made, but then abandoned, to replace not just the Midland but Manchester Town Hall with something more up to date.’
    • ‘Given the make-up of the borough council and some of the antics that our city fathers have previously engaged in, some might say it is naïve to expect too much co-operation among them.’
    • ‘If you ask me there's plenty of space already, but the city fathers are so determined to keep the place green and clean that they're planning to create 50% more parks.’
    • ‘If that is its strategy, city fathers have a tough task ahead: as the owner of the Kings and Festival theatres, the council is already juggling programming to ensure differentiation.’
    • ‘His stay cost the city fathers so much money they couldn't afford to finish the building until the 1760s.’
    • ‘Rather like silly children who keep losing their dinner money, those useless city fathers somehow mislaid a thriving industrial base and half a million citizens.’
    • ‘Our city fathers should not wait for disease outbreaks before taking action and we believe that carrying out inspections does not need donor funds.’