Meaning of City of God in English:

City of God

proper noun

  • 1Paradise, perceived as an ideal community in heaven.

    ‘The City of God was invisible - it was not of this earth.’
    • ‘We know that the peace of Heaven, the City of God, awaits and cannot be constructed by man.’
    • ‘God's original creation is thus renewed and transformed, but not annihilated, in the heavenly City of God.’
    • ‘In Christianity, the early expectation of Christ's imminent return to this world was replaced by the theologian St Augustine of Hippo's allegorical model of an other-worldly City of God.’
    • ‘Then, through Divine grace, you will be safely guided and guarded throughout the voyage of life; and, in due time, you will be landed triumphantly and blissfully upon the shores of the Eternal City of God.’
    • ‘The City of Man is a world of profound imperfection, peopled by fallen, sinful beings who can only hope for ultimate citizenship in the City of God through an earthly life of piety.’
    • ‘It is linked to the biblical vision that the human community should be a likeness, however dim, of the City of God.’
    • ‘Let my soul be called into thy presence, for I have come to the City of God.’
    1. 1.1The Christian Church.
      ‘But it is also a picture of the work God is doing in the restoration of His Church - the spiritual City of God.’
      • ‘He has witnessed something similar, something - dare I say it - more important: the attempted destruction of the Church, the City of God, the Body of Christ on earth.’