Meaning of city slicker in English:

city slicker


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informal, derogatory
  • A person with the sophistication and values generally associated with urban dwellers.

    • ‘he cultivated the image of cool-as-ice city slicker’
    • ‘the false promises of city slickers’
    • ‘‘Our motto is to have something for all at the show, so whether you're the city slicker or rural dweller or a child there's sure to be something to whet your appetite,’ Mary explained.’
    • ‘If you are the city slicker and have just two or three days to go on vacation, you have ‘weekend wanderer’ tours, which give all info about places you can visit within two or three days.’
    • ‘If you're a total city slicker, try converting your back porch, garage or basement into a ‘barn.’’
    • ‘A friend, a city slicker from the capital, seemed to be reasonably satisfied about the area.’
    • ‘Too many years as a city slicker have dulled my memory and, although the bulges were a fair indication, I had no real idea of when their young were due.’
    • ‘Reading this article is like watching the old movie where a city slicker tries to mount a horse at a dude ranch and ends up facing the wrong way.’
    • ‘The city slicker has been living it up in the bright lights of London this last year.’
    • ‘A former city slicker has made a clean start by setting up a new laundry and ironing service.’
    • ‘Oh sure, there are some inconsistencies, like the bloated city slicker being able to consistently outmaneuver the seasoned swamp folk.’
    • ‘I'm a city slicker, but my girlfriend's a cowpoke.’
    • ‘And when she told Brian about my cow tipping trophy, he'd know what I'd been up to, and he'd probably chew me out for pulling one over on the city slicker.’
    • ‘‘I was a city slicker, and getting used to pumping water and using an outhouse was pretty hard,’ she remembers.’
    • ‘This is not just the ten-thousandth variation on the city slicker versus country bumpkin theme, but a refreshing look at what truly makes a difference in life.’
    • ‘‘There's a city slicker if ever I've seen one,’ he thought.’
    • ‘The libretto turns a typical Twain idea of human weakness into a celebration of the small town against the wicked city slicker.’
    • ‘Her father is a terrifying patriarch who wants the city slicker out of his village.’
    • ‘His eyes grow wide and he fingers scars on his wrist and hand as he tells how upperclassmen picked on him because he was a city slicker.’
    • ‘If you're a real city slicker riding lessons are available here before mounting up for a day of riding in the Canyon.’
    • ‘He hired local guides who took him for a city slicker with money and not much sense.’
    • ‘Even a city slicker like me knows not to get mixed up with these farmers.’