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city state


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mainly historical
  • A city that with its surrounding territory forms an independent state.

    ‘Until the 11th century the political situation was confused and Naples, although nominally part of the Byzantine empire, was in fact an independent city state, which prospered from its trade with the East.’
    • ‘This initially took the form of glorifying the city state: the city state was the world.’
    • ‘I enjoyed getting a more detailed look at the city state's beautiful gardens.’
    • ‘The city state of 4 million people, once a fierce Asian Tiger, is chanting a mantra of change as it shakes off its worst recession since 1964 and works on restructuring the economy to stay competitive.’
    • ‘Take the Greek city state of 2,000 plus years ago and analyse what kind of baby was there at the birth of democracy and why that Athenian flame went out, never truly rekindled until the French and American revolutions.’