Meaning of cladogram in English:



  • A branching diagram showing the cladistic relationship between a number of species.

    ‘The result of a cladistic analysis is a cladogram, a diagram of nested synapomorphies that defines relationships in a relative way.’
    • ‘Biologists often specify the evolutionary relationships among organisms via a treelike diagram called a cladogram.’
    • ‘The first group is identical to the commelinoid group of monocotyledons identified as a monophyletic clade in cladograms using the rbcL gene.’
    • ‘A strict consensus of these cladograms yielded eight taxa resolved at the base of the cladogram and 18 taxa partly resolved in four subclades, but the majority of taxa were unresolved.’
    • ‘In this cladogram and in all other eukaryote cladograms, we use the following color scheme: animals are blue, fungi are dark red, plants are green, and protists are yellow.’



/ˈkleɪdə(ʊ)ɡram/ /ˈkladə(ʊ)ɡram/