Meaning of clag in English:


Pronunciation /klaɡ/


mass noun dialect British
  • 1Sticky mud or dirt.

    • ‘that weird clag that fills your back yards and covers your roads’
    mire, sludge, slush, ooze, silt, clay, gumbo, dirt, soil
  • 2Fog, mist, or low-level cloud.

    • ‘I was in thick clag and rain by now’
    mist, mistiness, fogginess, haar, smog, murk, murkiness, haze, haziness, gloom, gloominess


Late 15th century (as a verb meaning ‘daub or clot with sticky matter’): perhaps of Scandinavian origin and related to clay. clag (sense 2)dates from the 1940s.