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Pronunciation /ˈklampdaʊn/

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  • A concerted or harsh attempt to suppress something.

    • ‘a clampdown on crime’
    • ‘Both are concerned about restrictions and clampdowns on civil liberties.’
    • ‘But fear and trepidation about the web also crept to the fore, leading to clampdowns and concerns about the internet's ‘potential for evil’.’
    • ‘Many of the clubs affected are angry at the sudden clampdown.’
    • ‘They will also be closely watching for announcements of any further macroeconomic measures to stamp out mainland economic growth, including clampdowns on investment in different sectors of the economy.’
    • ‘The clampdown on spending comes after concerns about the relationship between parties and their donors.’
    • ‘A great many members of the group have been similarly detained without charges during the government's routine clampdowns, the report said.’
    • ‘We've heard plenty about welfare to work measures, about clampdowns on sole parents, disability pensioners and dole recipients that will be announced tonight.’
    • ‘But both the centre-left and centre-right coalitions proposed heightened security measures and clampdowns on illegal immigration.’
    • ‘His arrest on Sunday, along with 25 other members, was the latest in a series of clampdowns that began on 27 March.’
    • ‘As is usually the case with these clampdowns, it is not a question of changing laws which are already in place but of choosing to enforce them.’
    • ‘Previous clampdowns in south Manchester have resulted in 89 people being stopped in the past three weekends.’
    • ‘This could lead to further clampdowns by police and insurers.’
    • ‘A clampdown on speeding motorists has been launched in Keighley - the first of its kind in West Yorkshire’
    • ‘This week police in Manchester launched a massive clampdown on mobile phone abusers fining more than 500 motorists.’
    • ‘Since the clampdown started in July, the highest penalty imposed is £250.’
    • ‘The security clampdown, authorised by the prime minister, was based on intelligence of a specific threat.’
    • ‘He has said he suspects porn merchants are seeking revenge because of his clampdown on pornography on television.’
    • ‘Why is there a sudden clampdown on people expressing their findings or thoughts?’
    • ‘The security clampdown comes after the country was put on alert following reports of a threat at Heathrow airport.’
    • ‘He fears that hardliners could initiate a conservative clampdown.’
    suppression, prevention, stopping, stamping out
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