Meaning of clamshell in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklamʃɛl/


  • 1The shell of a clam, formed of two roughly equal valves with a hinge.

    ‘Glue the larger shells, such as these clamshells, to the inner and outer edges of the frame.’
    • ‘She is making beautiful buildings out of sustainable materials - recycled bottles, clamshells, and mud.’
    • ‘They were smaller than the clamshells protruding from the mud.’
    • ‘Early Americans enjoyed clams with the same passion as we do today, and polished clamshells served as currency (known as wampum) from the 1600's to the end of the seventeenth century.’
    • ‘A while back, I crafted a set of runes from some tiny clamshells someone had sent me from the shore (I marked the runes on the shells with a paint pen).’
    • ‘Crushed clamshells, a waste product from the local Chesapeake Bay seafood industries, have been used to pave roadways.’
    • ‘The stage was a long oval, with strange bronze horns, pediments, and clamshells decorating it.’
    • ‘And, unless he was lost at sea, his body would be buried beneath a pile of clamshells in the Bay Key Cemetery.’
    • ‘He was back shortly with half of a freshwater clamshell.’
    • ‘You remember that painting of the naked Venus emerging from a clamshell.’
    1. 1.1Something, such as a mobile phone, with hinged parts that open and shut like a clamshell.
      as modifier ‘a clamshell cellular phone’
      • ‘The handset opens like a standard clamshell phone to reveal a 2.8in 240 x 320 touch-sensitive screen.’
      • ‘The computer continues to use a clamshell design that opens after you push buttons on the top and bottom of the case.’
      • ‘The clamshell device opens to reveal a QWERTY keyboard and 16-bit colour display.’
      • ‘The case opens clamshell style, and there's plenty of room for expandability.’
      • ‘The DVD is packaged in a clamshell box and contains an 8-page poster booklet and a sheet of stickers!’
      • ‘He introduced phones with clamshell designs that flip open to reveal a larger screen and take pictures.’
      • ‘The firm has been criticised for being slow to offer camera phones and clamshell designs.’
      • ‘The clamshell phone's large display offers a 256.000 colors screen resolution and 3 triple digital zoom that brings details into focus.’
      • ‘It's a clamshell design with a button on the lid and a blue light in the centre of the button, and looks rather cheap and plasticky.’
      • ‘Emma stopped at the highway, crossed to the store, and parked in the clamshell lot.’
      • ‘It is a clamshell phone that works worldwide on cellular networks running on the GSM standard.’
      • ‘The new concept incorporates a clamshell design.’
      • ‘They misread the market earlier this year and didn't have an offering in the area of clamshells.’
      • ‘Invented by Motorola, clamshells fit nicely alongside the face and slip easily into pocket or purse.’
      • ‘Every year, billions of these clamshells and other foodservice containers made from petroleum-based foams end up in already overstuffed landfills.’
      • ‘Unlike some other clamshells, the keypad is quite ergonomic and there is a nice tactile feel when you nudge the buttons.’
      • ‘Like the clamshell, you don't have to worry about locking your keypad, because the phone is only functional when it is extended to its full size.’
      • ‘The packaging is a clear clamshell that can be pegged or clip-stripped for display or can free-stand on a countertop or shelf.’
      • ‘I had forgotten my wallet, so I had to borrow $6 for my styrofoam clamshell of Mongolian Beef over rice.’
      • ‘There's also a ‘low-carb’ option, in which the loose, greasy contents come in a plastic clamshell instead of a croissant.’