Meaning of clarkia in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklɑːkɪə/


  • A North American plant with showy white, pink, or purple flowers, cultivated as a border plant in gardens.

    Genus Clarkia, family Onagraceae

    ‘Cool-season annuals such as clarkia, Iceland poppy, lobelia, pansy, and stock can't stand intense summer heat.’
    • ‘The poppies and clarkias began to straighten up, and the smaller shrubs saw the sunlight again.’
    • ‘Many old favourites are here, including poppies, daisies and clarkias and hollyhocks.’
    • ‘Continuing on, you begin to see some clarkias, a few mariposa lilies and some lupine.’
    • ‘Alas, clarkias, native to the Pacific Coast, failed to thrive in the hot summers typical of the rest of the country.’


Modern Latin, named after William Clark (see Clark, William), who discovered it.